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Writing Update + Book News

It has been a hot minute since I last updated here.

It was the school holidays. Taking a break from being online is something I try to do every year and it means I can spend more time with my kids too.

So, what news, you ask?

Well, I had a birthday, celebrating my 42nd year and spent the day at the Heights of Abraham in Matlock. It’s basically a Victorian seaside town but without the coastal part. The Heights themselves are a cable car system up a mountain that has caves and former mines within.

Also- even before summer, I got swamped with stuff for Dark Is The Water and barely shared that Earthly Bodies got READER’S CHOICE at the Ladies Of Horror Fiction Awards. This is huge for me and such a thrill.

So now Earthly Bodies has a Readers Choice AND was included in the top 61 Indie Books of ALL TIME (Click here for details) I’m doing a happy dance as I type.

The Ladies of Horror Fiction website and the team have gone through an overhaul since the last awards, and are now the more inclusive HORROR SPOTLIGHT. Some of the images haven’t transferred to the new URL/website for them, I know how that feels, but if you want to read the post CLICK here. They are also on Instagram at @HorrorSpotlight

Currently, I’m working on my second novel. Doing a rewrite and big edit. I’ve had some epiphanies about this book and I’ll be sharing them as I’m digging further into the rewrite. I need to explore them for myself first before I start shouting about them.

I have also just completed a TV treatment for Earthly Bodies, so if anyone has any connections at Netflix please let me know. Yes, I’m serious.

I also opened a shop here on my site for signed copies of my books- CLICK to see.

Finally, for now, as I’ve got to get back to it and not procrastinate by writing blog posts… If you haven’t read Earthly Bodies yet there’s a free extract here.

I’ll leave you with my traditional birthday portrait.

Look after each other.

2 responses to “Writing Update + Book News”

  1. Lovely to see a post from you – the Heights of Abraham sounds fab! And congratulations on your award at the Ladies Of Horror Fiction Awards! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much- if you visit the Peak District in the future I’d highly recommend it!


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