Getting Closer to Launch Day

Hello! Spring is in the air, despite the snow. The feeling of new beginnings and fresh starts are all around. Life finds a way, as Jeff Goldblum says in Jurassic Park. And I’m birthing a book… Here are some of my feelings; Giddy, anxious, elated, proud, exhausted, brave.  I’m juggling a lot, *whispers* we areContinue reading “Getting Closer to Launch Day”

Earthly Bodies Cover Reveal!

Hello, hello, hello!! Just a cover reveal! Super casual…. Honest! I’m actually the opposite of super casual at the moment, I hope you like it?  This is a version of the second favorite as voted for by newsletter subscribers. The first favorite, which was initially mine too, ended up being a No-Go because it wasContinue reading “Earthly Bodies Cover Reveal!”

How to Write a Book- FREE Guide!

Hello! Today I’m sharing another FREE resource I’ve created exclusively for subscribers of my email list. Have you always wanted to write a book? Don’t know where to start? I’ll give you a clue, its not at the beginning. I’ve got you. I can help. I’ve written two novels and the question I get askedContinue reading “How to Write a Book- FREE Guide!”

Reflecting on my word of 2019

Hello! Its that time of the year again and I’m looking back at 2019, specifically my word of the year THRIVE. I chose Thrive at the start of 2019 for my word of the year, because I wanted to use it as something to aim for. I was focused on the wellbeing side of it;Continue reading “Reflecting on my word of 2019”