Writing + Growing = Creating

Hello- I hope this finds you well and warm?

I’ve been chipping away at my edits for my second novel.

This book is exciting, but I don’t want to talk about it too much as I’m finding it’s still growing and changing at my fingertips.

I know the general themes, but the how of telling it and what my main characters have been through is still something I’m figuring out. I’ve cut A LOT of words so far and rewritten the first act.

To this end, I’m making a point of not rushing. I can get quite militaristic sometimes, especially when I’m really into something. I can be too harsh on myself.

I’ve relaxed my deadlines. I’m lucky to be able to do this. I want to do this book properly. My ADHD diagnosis has really helped with this aspect of negative self-talk. I’m being much kinder to myself now because I understand more about how my brain works.

Where in your life can you cut yourself some slack?

Something not directly writing related (but is kind of) that I wanted to share with you is that I’m starting a kitchen garden, aka a vegetable patch.

The reasons for my excitement about this are twofold;

One reason is the economy and the way the supply chain, for food (and many other things), is so broken. I believe if we can stop our over-reliance on these systems it’ll be better for the planet and better for our own health, well-being and future. To play some part in this, and feed my family, is exciting and feels futureproof.

The second reason is that I’ve discovered a gardening method that suits me (at least I believe it will). It’s called No Dig and it is just what it says on the tin. No digging, no double digging, no turning the earth. The theory behind this method convinced me of its quality and potential, especially after all the research I completed on Earthly Bodies. It’s basically all about the SOIL.

If you want to know what No Dig is, here is a short explainer.

I plan to make some changes in 2023. Some of these will be related to how much time I spend online and where I spend it.

The online world and social media have changed so much. Platforms where I previously would get a lot of traction are now feeling stale. It feels like many folks on there don’t actually want to be on there but want to stay in touch with friends and so begrudgingly keep going.

There’s a big part of me that wants to be hermit-like and retreat into my writing den (and never come back online!) I’m unsure if that is a symptom of marketing fatigue, social media overwhelm or just the end-of-the-year vibes where I’m really ready for a break.

Either way, I’m taking some time off over Christmas. I will be back in the new year where I will share my plans and ask for your advice.

Have a safe and peaceful festive season.

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5 thoughts on “Writing + Growing = Creating”

  1. I can relate to your social media fatigue – I’m looking forward to some time away over Christmas too! I hope you have a good break. And I love the idea of a kitchen garden. Take care and stay warm.


  2. Good luck with the new book!
    We also grow a lot of our own – and by we, I actually mean the husband! – it is a really satisfying feeling to be eating produce we know for sure is organic, hasn’t been flown miles or stored for yonks in some warehouse and is super fresh (it always tastes better!) I’ve been sporadic on the social medias for the last month or so, catching up with lots of projects. Having this semi-break away from it has really shown how much more I can get done without it. I’m also questioning where I want to put my effort next year. Hermitting does sound like a great idea!
    Enjoy your Christmas break, I hope you have a lovely balance between productivity and chilledness!


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