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Five to Follow- Instagram

Hello and Happy New Year!

I’m back, we’re all back, to our routines and I’ve enjoyed a lovely break from blogging. The end of 2016 felt rather like a marathon and I needed some time to recuperate.

I thought I’d ease us into the new year with sharing some of my current Instagram crushes. I’ve discovered most of these ladies fairly recently and I’m really enjoying their feeds. I thought you might like them too, so lets go!

First up is @kellyamonson. Her combination of vintage finds for the home and her capsule wardrobe, along with shots of her daughter make for a beautiful feed. Antique tones of wood, texture and plants create a warm and welcoming feed- when can I move in?


Another home and wardrobe I’d love to have a closer look at is that of @leevosburgh who is some kind of styling wizard. Her personal style blog is hugely inspiring and she does the whole capsule wardrobe thing so well.


I might be a little biased but I love finding Instagrammers based in Manchester, @unfoldtheday is my latest local find. I love the fact that she embraces the grey days (there are many here) as well as the sunny and bright. Proving Manchester is photogenic whatever the weather. Hell anyone who can make a row of bins look good is an excellent photographer in my book 😉

A photo posted by Tori (@unfoldtheday) on


Looking at these shots together I can see there’s a definite aesthetic I’m loving at the moment. The photographer @marlenapearlphoto captures moody landscapes and captivating outdoors- almost making you feel you are in the photo.


Next up is @louise_eaton who shoots such stunning landscapes and Northern towns. She captures the best of the  light and the bricks that add so much character to the buildings in these areas.


Who are you currently loving on Insta? I’m @oldfashionedsus on there if you fancy saying hi.

See more of my Instagram faves here.

instagram 2017 to follow instagrammers

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