A Photoshoot at Home

Recently I had the pleasure of being the subject of a photoshoot at my home. Today I wanted to share a taster of the shots. I’d known of Alex‘s work through the Manchester blogging scene and could see he held himself to a high standard. I love the tones and the earthiness of his images.Continue reading “A Photoshoot at Home”

Five to Follow- Instagram

Hello and Happy New Year! I’m back, we’re all back, to our routines and I’ve enjoyed a lovely break from blogging. The end of 2016 felt rather like a marathon and I needed some time to recuperate. I thought I’d ease us into the new year with sharing some of my current Instagram crushes. I’veContinue reading “Five to Follow- Instagram”

The Mothers- photo project update

Almost three years ago I became involved with a lovely blog called The Mothers. The Mothers is a photo project, “documenting the stories and experiences of Mothers of all ages, with children of all ages”. I’ve recently done an updated interview- kind of “where are they now” type thing- and some more lovely photographs- find myContinue reading “The Mothers- photo project update”