Get to work, time to dig in.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until Spring. My apologies for the Northern Hemisphere bias, but I need some sun on my face and days with more hours in them.

It’s safe to say, despite my best intentions I still haven’t re-established a vigorous writing routine.

This is the reality of being a writer and person in the world. I could tell you the long list of reasons why I haven’t gotten to grips with my pages again. But I’m unsure that would help either of us.

It boils down to a lack of focus (unironically my word of 2023) and time, and plenty of urgent things that have pulled my attention, necessarily so, away.

I am feeling a change though.

It relates to the sunshine we’ve had this past week: I swear I’m solar-powered.

I’ve also begun a compost heap and started sowing seeds. It’s exciting to see how they will turn out.

Writing is very much like composting for me. I move through the world gathering information, data, conversation, stories, and sensory sensations. Then everything goes into my internal (and metaphorical obvs!) composter. It gets mixed, rots down a bit and gets synthesized, coming out as something else.

Links and Things

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I’ve found social media, specifically, Instagram has been very distracting of late.

I’m sure you know that these apps are designed by gambling experts and so many of us are hooked. We feel compelled to post, especially when we have our own businesses and feel folk might forget about us if we have no presence.

Having said that, I deleted it (again) on Friday night and the following Saturday I read two (nonfiction) books and on Sunday I finished my Lego typewriter which has languished on a shelf for months.

I think that says it all, don’t you?

So, it’s gone now. I’m going to reinstall it when I have something to share; like the release date of my next book, news of a sale, a publication I’m in or a podcast I’m on. Something newsworthy, y’know?

I shared the image below to my feed.

I do intend to keep sharing here, on my blog.

Now I can really get my teeth into these edits and juggle everything else I want and need to do.

Tell me how you are doing? Are you creating?

I would love your input

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