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How to Rebrand a Blog (and why I wanted to)

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After years, yes seriously, of deliberation, I’ve changed my online persona into me. My real name, the real me. Call it a rebrand or even debrand, but it feels like the right time.

blog rebrand

Welcome to the next phase of my online journey!

This decision is something I’ve pondered over for a while. The implications of a rebrand and a URL change a far-reaching and not something that can be done on a whim.

Timing your rebrand;

  1. You’ll need to consider carefully if it’s the right time for you? Changing your URL will affect your rankings, online presence, and possibly income.
  2. Take your time, choose something that really feels like you.
  3. You know it is the right time for a rebrand when what you will gain from changing feels more aligned with who you are than staying the same.

I’d never felt completely happy with OFS, but the momentum gathered and I felt foolish to try and slow it. I want to be me, multifaceted and authentic.

Steps for a blog rebrand;

  1. Buy the URL/domain name you want (I bought over a year ago!)
  2. Bide your time (see above) don’t rush in.
  3. Research and prepare, I found this post particularly useful.
  4. Claim your social handles. I’m lucky that my name is fairly uncommon so this wasn’t an issue for me, although I’m still arguing with Facebook about a name change.
  5. Get an updated photo of you for all your bio/avatar/profiles, because you’re changing, you need to be more consistent and recognisable. The fabulous Alexander Ward did mine.
  6. If you’re confident you are able to do the switch yourself then go for it. For me and eight years worth of work, images and links, I got an expert in; Jo at GeekFairy.
  7. Shout about the changes you’ve made and what you’ve accomplished. Send out emails, share on social media, write a blog post (hello blog post) and send a newsletter.

I wanted to say a huge thanks, I know some of you have been with me for the eight years so far, here’s to the next eight!

Also, I’d love to ask you a favour?

I’ve been nominated for the Best Written Blog category at the Amara’s. You might remember I received Highly Commended a few years ago (details here).

This category is so close to my heart and I’d be thrilled to get through to the next stage and go down to London for the awards bash. Please vote for me here, and thank you!

staircase with trailing ivy hallway

All photography in this post is by Alexander Ward

26 thoughts on “How to Rebrand a Blog (and why I wanted to)”

  1. I love the new look I am planning a move to WordPress this year so this was very inspiring.
    I cannot wait to have a look at the new blog on the laptop all big.
    Voted btw x


  2. This is super exciting Susie and I totally understand why you’ve made the move. I’ve definitely seen more and more people do the same and I’m toying with the idea especially as next year I plan to try freelance life for a few months. If I do take the plunge I’ll be tapping you up X


  3. Hey Susan, I think as a fellow blogger the possibility of having my rankings plummet is what I would consider before a potential change. I don’t feel I need to rebrand at the moment but who knows what the future holds. I would love to hear your thoughts in a few months about the rankings impact of changing a url. All the best!


    1. Yep, I totally get that. For me, it was about feeling inauthentic to continue as OFS and making sure I got set up with all the redirects! Maybe I’ll do another post in a few months and share the experience?


  4. The new site looks great – congratulations! We changed our company name last year and It’s a huge decision, but we’re so glad we did. By the way – we found that changing our name in stages worked for our Facebook page, so we left the old name there, with the new name and then it allowed us to change it again in a few weeks. Though we left our old name there for a little while. So we changed it to ‘Audenza – Prev: MiaFleur’, which seemed to work, rather than just changing it straight away to Audenza. Hope that helps!


  5. i was thinking about rebranding and your insight answered a lot of my questions and possible worrying xx ps i love your blog


  6. I’m so happy for you. It must be so freeing to finally feel like your site represents you. Sounds like you’re on quite a journey at the moment. An update post would be great to read at some point!


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