A Change of Scene

Hello, hello, is this thing still on? A change is as good as a rest they say. I’ve really changed direction, become less commercial, was I ever? I don’t sell anything tangible, the world doesn’t need anymore stuff. I’ve virtually stopped working with brands because of this. I’m not here to sell products. I’m hereContinue reading “A Change of Scene”

My Top Tips for Changing your URL

Further to my other posts on changing URL, and rebranding, I thought I’d share some resources I found helpful and steps I took before I took the plunge, and after the change. Previous posts; How to Rebrand a Blog (and why I wanted to) An Update on Changing my URL/Name   In the above twoContinue reading “My Top Tips for Changing your URL”

This is me- Blog Every Day in November

Hello and welcome to November. This month I’m joining in with Blog Every Day in November, run by Elizabeth Dhokia. Yes I know, EVERY DAY. Since starting the book, my blog has taken a back seat. Which is of course totally fine. But, I do love blogging and what blogging has brought me. And having knownContinue reading “This is me- Blog Every Day in November”