old fashioned susie enamel teapot red on hexagon tiles

Hexagon Tiles ~ Splashback Revealed

Well I’m finally able to finally reveal our “finished” kitchen with you.

It has taken around 18 months to finally decide on what we wanted to do with our kitchen splash back. It turns out white honeycomb ~ hexagon tiles were the answer!

As I discussed in my last post (check out the before photos) we had a bit of a tricky area to fill so we went through so many ideas.

hex tiles in white and wood kitchen

We ended up spotting these lovely, simple white hexagon tiles on Original Style and they were kind enough to offer me a Press discount when ordering.

I actually felt a bit nervous before the tiler arrived as it’s more or less permanent isn’t it? Had we chose the right ones, would it look good??? Argh! I almost felt more comfortable being in the undecided limbo phase. These hexagonal tiles are porcelain and really lovely quality though, so I think it would be hard to make a mistake choosing these, they are almost tactile too (or maybe that’s just me stroking my walls!)

modern scandi inspired white and wood kitchen with pops of vintage and colour

Well I shouldn’t have worried. We love them. We went for a light grey grout too, which our tiler did try and dissuade me from, but our kitchen is so bright that having grey grout would just take the edge off.

Also, I didn’t fancy cleaning the mosaic grout to try and keep it looking pristine- I prefer the lived in look if you know what I mean? So I’m hoping it is a bit lower maintenance.

hexagonal tiles with sagoform jars

These hexagonal tiles are quirky enough to be interesting but I believe they are also subtle enough for them to last for a while (and for me not to get tired of them). A modern classic I hope.

bright airy kitchen with vintage accessories

Choosing a white tile means that we can switch out our kitchen accessories (currently red) and not worry if it’s going to go with the tiles, or feel tied to particular colours. One reason I love white walls is that I can can add the pops of colour easily.

What do you think? Did we solve our wall dilemma in the best way?

honeycomb mosaic tiles in quirky kitchen with vintage flair

23 thoughts on “Hexagon Tiles ~ Splashback Revealed”

  1. I love them!! We are looking for new kitchen tiles & I love how different these are. Our current tiles are tiny red mosaics, which were so hard to get 10 years ago (& painfully expensive!). We have used grey grout & it has been brilliant. Great choice!


  2. Your kitchen looks fab! I really like the colour scheme. We’re in a rented property at the minute (with little decorating leeway!) but when we buy I’ll be coming back for more inspo!

    Ruth Writes | Ruth-writes.co.uk


  3. Brilliant choice! I do love a good hex tile myself – in fact, I have similar in my bathroom (although mine are a little bigger) with pale grey grout too and I love it! Silly tiler trying to dissuade you – good on ya for sticking to your guns, really think it looks perfect in your kitchen 🙂 xx


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