Vintage Christmas Party Outfit: Ladies Edition

Hello there vintage Mancunians! Here we have a post of two halves, pitting man against woman in the vintage style stakes all for the sake of helping you find your festive outfit for this party season.

Ladies first; over to Helen from Mancunian Vintage

There’s nothing I love more than rummaging around in charity shops and at vintage fairs hunting for my next fabulous buy. Throw in a challenge as well and I’m all ears.

When got in touch saying aspiring English gentlemen Norton of Morton was proposing to deck himself out in vintage clobber for the festive season I got rather excited.

He’d thrown down the vintage fashion gauntlet, and by golly was I going to pick it up and represent the ladies!

In the name of research I had to up the ante and visit more charity shops and vintage shops in the Greater Manchester area than ever. And here are the results!

Full-length scattered beading dress: Manchester Vintage Fair (Oxford Road) £5
Jacket: St Michael via Cancer Research (Preston), £5.25
Shoes: Berkertex via Salvation Army shop (Wigan), £3.99
Pillbox hat: C&A via Manchester Vintage Fair, £6
Handbag: Speke Hall Vintage Festival, £5
Total = £25.24

Here’s the story behind my vintage ensemble;

First stop The Vintage Fair at Whitworth Hall, racks of dresses as you would expect and on one, hidden at the back and after seeing the bead detailing at the neckline and on the waist I was smitten.

The price tag read a reasonable £18, but as I dashed towards the stallholder I noticed that I’d picked it up from a sale rail which advertised all items as £5.

Surely not?

It turns out that a minor stain on the front of the dry clean-only dress was the reason for the mammoth reduction. It was nothing that the delicate wash setting on the washing machine (and the protection of a pillowcase) couldn’t sort out.

At the same stall I came across this gorgeous collection of hats, and perched daintily on a styrofoam head was this white pillbox hat, priced at just £6. So it was at this one stall in Oxford Road that I found the foundation of my festive vintage outfit.

Second-hand shoes can split opinion – some hate the idea that another person’s feet have been housed there whereas others, armed with antibacterial spray and wipes, give them a clean and a new home.

This Chanel look-alike pair is from the Salvation Army shop in Wigan, and cost just £3.99.

They are in immaculate condition and look as if they’ve only been worn a handful of times.

I love the elegant shape of the shoe and, combined with the medium heel, makes them so comfortable – perfect footwear for a night out on the razzle.

Of course with it being winter there’s a nip in the air, so it’s essential to have a little cover up even when you’re indoors.

This black velvet St Michael’s jacket cost just £5.25 from a Cancer Research shop in Preston.

This, along with the shoes, helps create a chic monochrome look.

And to top it off, I added my trusty black patent handbag that I bought back in the summer from the Speke Hall Vintage Fair.

So for a grand total of £25.24 I managed to unearth some timeless vintage pieces which will not only look fabulous over the festive period, but for many years to come.

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