The Whim Wham Club is back with a bang!

After a hiatus which, for many, lasted far too long, the Whim Wham Club returned to our city in July.

Now in its new home, The Whim Wham Café, it still brings the best of Burlesque, and Cabaret to Manchester into the wee hours and in July, the Gindependence Day theme promised speciality gin cocktails and the potential for sore heads the next morning.

Gindependence Day kicked off with a free cocktail on arrival and music supplied by Dr Sid which soon had those with an aptitude for Lindy hop moving on the floor (and those of us without looking on enviously).

Music from 52 Skidoo followed and those of us who still hadn’t quite had enough gin to get up and dance were toe tapping and clapping along and by the time Emma Divine took to floor with her first number, we were swaying in our seats and singing along.

vintage manchester whim wham club gin saloon

And still the night promised more, with Burlesque beauty Lola Pops and another set from 52 Skidoo, the night went on and on until more seats were cleared, a dance floor created and Dr Sid provided music until the rather small hours.

Ahh, I hear you cry, you’ve told me about July, what about August?

August is a Ragtime Revival, featuring Juniper Crush and one of my personal favourites, Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band.

So it’s time to drop the waist on your dress, knock those knees together and pop some feathers in your headband ladies. This promises to be one that would make Gatsby proud be there this Friday 2nd August 2013.

Words by contributor Charlie and images by Katy Catfish.