My Street Team is open for new members

I’m recruiting for my Street Team! Except it not on the actual streets… It is on the web. What is a Street Team I hear you ask… A Street Team is a select group of people who want to help with spreading the word about something, in this case, my next publication- a short storyContinue reading “My Street Team is open for new members”

Getting Closer to Launch Day

Hello! Spring is in the air, despite the snow. The feeling of new beginnings and fresh starts are all around. Life finds a way, as Jeff Goldblum says in Jurassic Park. And I’m birthing a book… Here are some of my feelings; Giddy, anxious, elated, proud, exhausted, brave.  I’m juggling a lot, *whispers* we areContinue reading “Getting Closer to Launch Day”

What to ask indie publishers who want your book

So you’ve sent your book out all over the place and that includes independent publishers and small presses. For the sake of this article I’m not talking about smaller factions of one of the bigger publishers, I’m talking about presses which are totally their own brand. I wanted to share my experience of an indieContinue reading “What to ask indie publishers who want your book”