Top spots for vintage shopping in Stockport

annie sloan workshop green painted cabinat

Hello Readers! You may know that I reside in South Manchester, just outside of Stockport. Today I wanted to share with you my top places for vintage shopping in Stockport- by me a local resident and recovering vintage addict 😉 Stockport's vintage scene is actually a surprising element of Stockport but it has a fair few… Continue reading Top spots for vintage shopping in Stockport

Trippin’ the light fantastic at Agapanthus Interiors

Anyone who knows Stockport knows it has its good points and its bad. I could discuss the Mary Portas Pilot debacle but I'll assume readers of this little site can look things up for themselves. Its a fair comment to say that the Victorian Market area is one of the thriving parts of Stockport and… Continue reading Trippin’ the light fantastic at Agapanthus Interiors

Charity Shop Love- St Ann’s Hospice, Cheadle

So before vintage became a "thing", ie when it was just used to describe cars and wine, many lovers of previous era's got their kicks and their bits down at their local charity shop. With the trend of vintage increasing in the last ten years some charity shops have lost their way. Some have put prices up… Continue reading Charity Shop Love- St Ann’s Hospice, Cheadle