Home Comforts and a Leesa mattress

Hello readers! We've recently been struck down by the worst cold (ever!) and it despite the moments of cabin fever between the other moments of actual fever, and wiping snotty noses, it got me thinking about home comforts. For example, we'd been off our food other than comfort food like Marmite on hot buttered (actually… Continue reading Home Comforts and a Leesa mattress

Style Me Vintage- 1940s fashion, book review

The Style Me Vintage series of books seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment. Another new edition, hot on the heels of the Style Me Vintage Home book I reviewed recently, is the Style Me Vintage 1940s written by Liz Tregenza. You might know Liz via her excellent blog Advantage In… Continue reading Style Me Vintage- 1940s fashion, book review

Farrow & Ball #stylemywardrobe challenge

There are some brands that are synonymous with quality, you might never have actually experienced the brand, but its reputation precedes itself. Farrow and Ball is one of these brands. Single handedly leading the grey wall interior trend with their imfamous Elephants Breath shade of grey paint, Farrow and Ball are pioneers and are unwaveringly… Continue reading Farrow & Ball #stylemywardrobe challenge