My Favourite Science Fiction Films

Today I wanted to share a quick and easy list of my favourite science fiction films.

Science Fiction is one of my favourite genres because it pushes the boundaries of what is possible when telling stories.

My favourite sci-fi films, without spoilers, are;

  1. Interstellar bowled me over when I first saw it. The theories behind it, the dystopian life of on Earth and the journey into space. It’s all made so believable by Christopher Nolan. Everything about this film is brilliant, the soundtrack, the special effects the sets and props- watch it!
  2. Inception, yes another Christopher Nolan film. Set in a somewhat more real world, with the element of dreams and sleep playing a key part in the plot. A magical ensemble piece of filmmaking.
  3. Alien & Aliens, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched these two. The first leans to the horror side of sci-fi and the sequel is really a war film in a sci-fi world. I love Ellen Ripley and the arc her character travels through, when in doubt just ask yourself; What would Ripley do? 😉
  4. Bladerunner, another I’ve watched countless times and will continue to do so. The mood, the lighting, the dialogue, the rain. Also, I didn’t think I was going to like the recent sequel but I did, so worth a watch also.
  5. Star Wars, the original three obviously.
  6. Arrival is a film the slowly creeps up on you, in the best way. A beautiful look at relationships and time, through the lens of sci-fi.
  7. Planet of the Apes, the original 1968 one of course. That ending still gets me every single time.
  8. Guardians of the Galaxy, actually not the only comedy sci-fi on the list, it’s just so watchable and relatable.
  9. The Thing, the Kurt Russell version. I love the tension in this film, another I’ve watched loads.
  10. The Martian, Matt Damon stuck on Mars. It doesn’t seem that far-fetched whilst watching it, and it has some brilliant comedy in it.
  11. District 9, this is such a clever and funny film. A comment on racism and any other type of segregation.
  12. Predator, classic survival/monster theme. I still remember the very first time I watched it, completely hooked.
  13. Ex Machina, gosh I love this so much. The setup, the acting, the location, the brilliant special effects really help this film come alive. Such an interesting look at artificial intelligence.
  14. Annialation, last but most certainly not least and only on Netflix. This is a 90% female cast, in a future that doesn’t feel that far fetched. What happens is so thoroughly imaginative, it’s brilliant to see films that make the viewer really think.

Do you enjoy Science Fiction? Share your favourites below.

what happens in a black hole is it like interstellar?

Photo from my black holes post.

Black Holes (& Revelations)

black holes inside a black hole at Manchester Science festival

Are you fascinated by Black Holes? I am.

It is perhaps a question you never expected to be asked here, but I’ve decided to embrace the full me lately. Embrace my weird, share all my interests not just a small handful. Taking blogging back to basics even, relax a little, make it more of a journal again. Do what you love, not what is expected of you– a quote I can’t remember who said, please enlighten me if you know.

Anyhooo… back to black holes.

I’m fascinated by space and the infinite expanse of it. I’m a sci-fi fan, I always have been and always will be. A black hole feels like the ultimate sci-fi trope and yet, they aren’t fiction.

This week I had the privilege of attending a Press day at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI for short) in Manchester. We (the press!?) were there for a special preview of the Manchester Science Festival 2018.

Before I go any further, there is a huge amount going on across the 11 days of the festival (18-28th Oct) and not just at MOSI. Check out the details here.

One of the headline pieces of the festival is an impressive installation “Distortions in Spacetime” by an artist collective called Marshmallow Laser Feast. It’s immersive, it’s beautiful, it’s kind of like being in an Earth, Wind & Fire/The Jacksons music video circa 1978. But it’s so much more than that too. It made me think of my favourite space films. It gave me lots to think about for my novel (surprise surprise, it has sci-fi elements).

The aim of the installation is to make it seem as though you are inside a black hole. Of course, it doesn’t feel like you are, hey, because you aren’t being torn apart by gravity and radiation. Thank goodness, this one of many theories of course.

It’s as close as we’ll ever get to experiencing a black hole and for someone like me, it captures the imagination and the possibilities of what could be.

I took some short video clips too and you can see those via my Instagram highlights here.

what does a black hole look like what happens in a black hole is it like interstellar? sci-fi story inspiration

We are fascinated with black holes because of the “What If’s”… What if we could jump through time? What if there is an alternate dimension on the other side?

I felt a mixture of excitement and trepidation upon entering the installation, suddenly thinking, what if my vertigo comes back?! It didn’t, and it was strangely soothing once inside. Part of me wishes it could be a solo experience because personally, I’d get more out of it. But logistically that would be impossible, so if you go it will be experienced via small groups. It is free but you must book, I have a feeling it’s going to be popular.

Let me know if you too have a thing for black holes, or if you love sci-fi.

Share your favourite sci-fi book/film in the comments!

black hole dreams black holes in space scifi tropes ultimate black hole