Using Pinterest for Writing Fiction

Pinterest is somewhere many of us collect idea for our lives. From home design to fancy dress party ideas, vegan cakes and small bathrooms. If you have an interest in something you can create collections and organise ideas. You can find my Pinterest profile here. I use the secret/hidden board function quite a bit for novel writing. I keepContinue reading “Using Pinterest for Writing Fiction”

What is Pinterest? Getting started

Last year I had the pleasure of attending a workshop put on by Pinterest UK. Yes it’s take me ages to get around to writing this- oopsy! Despite the UK being the second biggest Pinterest community we are relatively small compared to the USA. It struck me that as it’s still fairly small over here someContinue reading “What is Pinterest? Getting started”

Shopping Saturday- Planning a wild garden

I’ll be straight up with you here- I’m not green fingered. It’s a stand in joke in our family that I’m great at killing plants, not so much looking after them. So I suppose it’s just as well I like gardens that look a bit wild. I love trailing and climbing plants, with lots ofContinue reading “Shopping Saturday- Planning a wild garden”