Strange Abrasions: 13 Untold Horrors

Untold until now that is! I have a story in this horror short story anthology. Published by Comma Press, this is an ebook available for 99p HERE. This anthology grew from participation in an online horror writing course (from Comma) during the recent pandemic/lockdown/world-changing events of the last months. The course was brilliant, and as… Continue reading Strange Abrasions: 13 Untold Horrors

Self Publishing Starter Resources

Hello! I get asked a lot about how I self-published my novel, Earthly Bodies. A post about self-publishing, or becoming an indie publisher, is something I've been meaning to do for a while. Before I get into it, I need to tell you something. If you want to do it well, there are no shortcuts,… Continue reading Self Publishing Starter Resources

Behind the scenes- Book Cover Drafts

Its been a while. Hi! How are you? We finally unpacked the last box from our move, hurrah! I thought I'd lift the veil a little on the book cover process I went through for Earthly Bodies. Before I enlisted a book cover designer. Some of you may know I have a degree in Fine… Continue reading Behind the scenes- Book Cover Drafts