AD- Tile Giant X Victoria Baths

If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll know one of my favourite places in Manchester is Victoria Baths. It won hearts on the BBC’s Restoration programme and my mum used to swim there as a young girl. It hosts pop up cinema events, weddings (here’s one I went to), vintage fairs and lotsContinue reading “AD- Tile Giant X Victoria Baths”

Most Inspiring Places to Write in Manchester

It’s actually rare, as in once a year maybe, that I work on my laptop somewhere other than home. But, I do carry notebooks everywhere, and I’ll happily sit and write free-hand for an hour or two providing the environment works for me. So here are my top five places to write (digitally or by hand)Continue reading “Most Inspiring Places to Write in Manchester”

Northern Lights Writers Conference & Quotes on Writing

Last month I attended my first writers conference. Held at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale, the Northern Lights Writers Conference promised inspiring talks on the job of writing and the future landscape of being a writer. The keynote speaker was Joanne Harris, known as @Joannechocolat on Twitter due to her arguably most well-known novel,Continue reading “Northern Lights Writers Conference & Quotes on Writing”

Cold Feet Filming Locations

Are you missing Cold Feet yet? I know I am! I wish they’d make longer series’. If ever there was an advert for visiting Manchester, then Cold Feet is it. If, like me, you are pining for a Cold Feet hit, then how about visiting some of the filming locations? Plan a pilgrimage to see for yourselfContinue reading “Cold Feet Filming Locations”

In Support of Independents

Seeking out independent shops is something I love to do. Don’t get me wrong, I do shop online too, but there is something very special (even old-fashioned) in visiting an actual shop, owned and run by actual humans. The personal service, for one thing, owners will get to know you by name. I find the individualContinue reading “In Support of Independents”