Behind the scenes of eco-horror, Earthly Bodies

earthly bodies susan earlam dystopian eco horror clifi

Would you like to see how I pictured Rebecca, Frankie, and the rest of the Earthly Bodies characters? Would you like to see the settings and locations I drew inspiration from to help me world build the future dystopia? Long term readers might recall that I shared I was keeping secret Pinterest boards with my… Continue reading Behind the scenes of eco-horror, Earthly Bodies

Exciting Earthly Bodies News

earthly bodies women in horror

My novel; a climate fiction story, full of fungi body horror, or as someone recently coined, Annihilation in space, has made it onto a list entitled, The 61 Greatest Indie Books of All Time. OF ALL TIME. Yes, I'm in shock too. Curated by author and publishing advocates, Reedsy, I'm thrilled to see Earthly Bodies… Continue reading Exciting Earthly Bodies News

Behind the scenes- Book Cover Drafts

Its been a while. Hi! How are you? We finally unpacked the last box from our move, hurrah! I thought I'd lift the veil a little on the book cover process I went through for Earthly Bodies. Before I enlisted a book cover designer. Some of you may know I have a degree in Fine… Continue reading Behind the scenes- Book Cover Drafts