My Favourite Science Fiction Films

what happens in a black hole is it like interstellar?

Today I wanted to share a quick and easy list of my favourite science fiction films. Science Fiction is one of my favourite genres because it pushes the boundaries of what is possible when telling stories. My favourite sci-fi films, without spoilers, are; Interstellar bowled me over when I first saw it. The theories behind it, the… Continue reading My Favourite Science Fiction Films

Most Inspiring Places to Write in Manchester

leaf on portland street in manchester tea bar

It's actually rare, as in once a year maybe, that I work on my laptop somewhere other than home. But, I do carry notebooks everywhere, and I'll happily sit and write free-hand for an hour or two providing the environment works for me. So here are my top five places to write (digitally or by hand)… Continue reading Most Inspiring Places to Write in Manchester