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Despite the title of this post, it isn’t an article about Sesame Street ūüėČ

I want to share my intentions for 2018, I promised I would, and after a happy and restful couple of weeks off, I’m back at it. Only this time from a slightly different angle.

To read and write.

Writing- here on the blog, writing articles for print publications, and creative writing.

Reading- more fiction, and non-fiction and more books in general. Getting lost in words and stories rather than scrolling, and time vanishing via social media.

setting intentions for 2018 creative writing

So how did I get here? And what does it mean?

In the last quarter of 2017, I invested in a course of one-to-one coaching.

I’d reached a point where I had a lot of different ideas about what I¬†wanted to do (with my life!!) and where I wanted to go with this corner of the internet. I was being pulled this way and that way by these ideas of diversifying. Unsure of what the next step should be, hesitating because nothing felt, “right”.

Coaching is a fascinating process, by the way. Bit by bit the layers come away revealing something that, for me, had been there all along.

Shrek explains it perfectly below, like an onion we have layers. The layers of time, of life events, of self-preservation, of responsibilities and obligations. A good coach will help you get to the core of those layers, even beyond them.

Spending time focusing on yourself initially feels self-indulgent. But I soon realised being able to talk completely freely about ideas, dreams, and obstacles with someone who is dedicated to your success, allows you see yourself and your particular situation more clearly.

It’s writing. It’s always been writing.

Along with reading. Rediscovering my appetite for reading over the last six months has felt like a revelation. Putting my phone down and picking up a book is not always the easiest thing, but it is much more fulfilling. The more I do it, the more I want to do it.

Writing has always been there in some form or another, I’m already doing it. I just never saw it as my thing. Maybe I wasn’t¬†ready, or maybe I didn’t have enough “life experience” (I know you don’t¬†need this to write, but maybe I did).

It was there waiting in the wings. From stories I wrote as a seven-year-old, right through to being on my Fine Art degree, writing kept creeping in via typewriters, the act of writing and character building. Heck, even my degree show was a piece of writing.

setting intentions after having creative coaching

In 2018 here on the blog, you can expect more of my home, my personal style, of Manchester, and travel, but I’ll also be sharing this reading and writing journey. And if I’m feeling really brave I might share some of my creative writing too.

I’ve started off the year by joining in with an online wring course,¬†Kickstart Your Creative Heart wish me luck!

What are your intentions for 2018?

And I’m really interested to know if you’ve ever had any coaching¬†or if you do any creative writing. Or are you a real bookworm? Answers below!

Wishing you a happy week 

Photo’s by EmmyLou at Chiascuro

Love- an ode to a special friend.

What is love?
No not the Haddaway song of the 90s but real life love. A good friend of mine has recently been let down by love and it has really made me think rather deeply about this thing we call love.

Love can be strong or fragile.
Love can be painful or rapturous.
Love can be far from, or near to, hate.
Love can be restorative or destructive.
Love can be yours or mine.
Love can be strange.
Love can be unbalanced.

Love can be one-sided.

Love can be life-changing.

Love can be unconditional.
Love can be simple or complicated.
Love changes everything.
Love yourself.
Love is growing closer over time.
Love is choosing them and no one else.
Love is sharing secrets.

Love is respect.
Love is really knowing someone.
Love is a team.
Love pushes you further.
Love makes you work harder.
Love is strength.
Love is relentless.
Love can be stupid.

Love can be naive.

Love can be in lust.
Love can be cleansing.
Love can be in one moment.
Love is the future.
Love can make a mess.

Love is hope.
Love can go wrong.

Love can change into something else.
Love changes you.
Love is honesty.
Love is friendship.
Love is in you.

love balloons