Four Writers Online Who Give Great Writing Advice

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Today I wanted to share with you four places I get great writing advice. As you may have realised I'm a bit of a lone ranger when it comes to writing. I don't have a Real Life writers group. I lean on, and into, writing forums online (hello WritersHQ) and use Twitter a lot for… Continue reading Four Writers Online Who Give Great Writing Advice

Going Rogue Podcast & Altrincham Word Festival

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Hello! How are you? I've had a bit of an extended break from the blog, the kids have been off school and Easter in the sunshine means I've sort of forgotten what I do... So, I'm easing myself in with a very short and sweet (hopefully) blog post. I've two things to tell you about,… Continue reading Going Rogue Podcast & Altrincham Word Festival

Using the Seasons to Help you Write your Novel

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The key to writing a novel for me, the actual HOW, is not stopping when you get stuck. Creativity ebbs and flows, this is true, but you can work around its tempestuous nature. Do not sit around waiting for the muse to strike again. You may end up waiting a long time. I was thinking… Continue reading Using the Seasons to Help you Write your Novel

Using Pinterest for Writing Fiction

use pinterest to help write your novel

Pinterest is somewhere many of us collect idea for our lives. From home design to fancy dress party ideas, vegan cakes and small bathrooms. If you have an interest in something you can create collections and organise ideas. You can find my Pinterest profile here. I use the secret/hidden board function quite a bit for novel writing. I keep… Continue reading Using Pinterest for Writing Fiction