Behind the scenes; Dark Is The Water book cover

Hello friends and readers! I hope this finds you well. I wanted to share with you a bit behind the scene of the book cover design process. I know many of you got a kick out of being involved last time along with the story of how the Earthly Bodies cover came to be. You… Continue reading Behind the scenes; Dark Is The Water book cover

Behind the scenes of eco-horror, Earthly Bodies

earthly bodies susan earlam dystopian eco horror clifi

Would you like to see how I pictured Rebecca, Frankie, and the rest of the Earthly Bodies characters? Would you like to see the settings and locations I drew inspiration from to help me world build the future dystopia? Long term readers might recall that I shared I was keeping secret Pinterest boards with my… Continue reading Behind the scenes of eco-horror, Earthly Bodies

Strange Abrasions: 13 Untold Horrors

Untold until now that is! I have a story in this horror short story anthology. Published by Comma Press, this is an ebook available for 99p HERE. This anthology grew from participation in an online horror writing course (from Comma) during the recent pandemic/lockdown/world-changing events of the last months. The course was brilliant, and as… Continue reading Strange Abrasions: 13 Untold Horrors