The Bohemian Floor

  • this is an advertorial post in collaboration with Kersaint Cobb

The eclectic, bohemian look is something that comes quite naturally to me. I’m a bit of a collector and love to bring things back to use in my home from my travels. These two traits make it easy for me to curate that bohemian style at home.

One of the key elements of this look is texture. The layering of textures creates a warm, interesting and cosy room.

long bohemian runner for hallway
Morocco Runners – Tetouan via Kersaint Cobb

You can easily add more texture and warm up a room with a rug or a runner. I love how this one, above, has really enhanced the glorious length of this hallway and points us in the direction of that gorgeous door.

The backbone of any room is the floor. If you are lucky enough to have original wooden floorboards in good condition in your abode, lucky you! You’ve got the warmth and texture built in already, giving you a head start on building a bohemian space.

bare floorboards in bohemian home

These floorboards above have been sanded and treated. This is a room design by my friend Karen Knox of Making Spaces. I think this room nails the warm, textural bohemian look. The cat adds another layer of texture, of course 😉

What if you don’t have great flooring?

When Kersaint Cobb got in touch I knew I could share with you an authentic way to achieve that bohemian backbone to any space, the floor.

What I really like about their wooden flooring is the character of the wood is fully present. There are colour variances and knots, just like real floorboards. Check out their range of wood flooring here.

I wanted to share a couple of my interior blogger friends’ spaces, that illustrate the bohemian style built on to a great floor.

First up is Kimberly from Swoonworthy, I’ve featured her bedroom before, and she has since moved house. But before moving she renovated the floor. A lot of graft went into this makeover. If you wanted to get this look then the Antique Oak Duo Living XL flooring would achieve a similar style.

antique oak wooden floor

Here’s another example, Karen Barlow used reclaimed parquet for her incredible kitchen floor. If you want this timeless look try Kersaint Cobb Heritage Parquet. Parquet is one of my favourite floor looks, adding a depth and sense of character to any space.

Seagrass, jute, coir and sisal are some of the other types of floor coverings on offer at Kersaint Cobb. All of these are great for adding texture to your home and will bring that bohemian traveller feeling to a room as the products have been selected from all over the world.

Natural fibre and colour like this Sisal Panama in Oatmeal bring texture to your space so effortlessly. Sisal is particularly hardwearing and I love this styled image with the midcentury chair.mid-century chair bohemian floor kersaint cobb

What kind of flooring do you have at home? Do you like the bohemian look?

Let me know in the comments.


The 7 Things You Need For A Bohemian Living Room

Today I wanted to share with you how to get the bohemian look in your living room.

A bohemian living room is full of personality and character. I wholeheartedly encourage you to express yourself, this is your home remember?

bohemian living room things you need to create the look

The aim is to create a relaxing space. Where you can lounge and spend time with people you love, truly be yourself or just curl up with a good boxed set.

So here are my 7 essentials for a bohemian living room- get ready to lounge!

moody bohemian style
Photo by EmmyLou from Chiascuro


Every living room needs a sofa and a bohemian living room is no different. In fact it is a key piece. Creating a cosy, warm and inviting atmosphere it what it all about. So you need the biggest, snuggest sofa that will fit your space. You get brownie points if your sofa is a soft velvet, or a leather that will just get better with age. Add blankets and cushions with textures and patterns to really ramp up the bohemian atmosphere. Find out more about our sofa here.


A rug, or rugs, hold the room together. The right rug will unite all the elements of the room with colour or pattern. It adds to the cosy feel, and warms the room up, this is especially true if you don’t have carpets. Look out for traditional patterns, Persian, Moroccan and and Oriental rugs. The bohemian look often evolves from lots of travel so do look out for rugs to bring back from far flung destinations. Mine is from Modern Rugs- find it here

bohemian living room essentials must haves

Coffee Table

Another living room essential. It important to get the right coffee table for your space. Something that compliments rather than overpowers. You don’t want your living room to become an obstacle course! Keep your eyes open for mid century characteristics like splayed legs and curved lines. The bohemian look can also encapsulate a rustic, foraged or handmade look so do keep an open mind. This one is John Lewis-find it here


Adding plants creates instant boho vibes. So add them where you can. Plants are such a key park of this look. They add life, texture and colour. It took me a while to “get” plants, but now they are like little companions around my home. Seriously, get a couple of plants to start with and just learn! Try plants on the fireplace or even hanging from shelves, layer them up. See my Ikea Hack hanging plant rail here.

Rattan and/or Macramé

The bohemian look takes a lot of influence from the 1970s, but I think the main thing is to mix the stuff you like. I personally wouldn’t want my living room to look like I’d stepped back in time. It’s too derivative, this look isn’t about creating a time warp or an ode to the seventies. It’s about textures and patterns. Having said that Rattan and Macramé were both big in the seventies and have had a bit of a resurrection. Adding some Macramé and/or Rattan will add both texture and pattern to your room. Head here for beautiful Macramé

BTW when I say Rattan, I’m including cane and wicker things too! So think about wall hangings or peacock chairs or light shades. This light shade is by Made- find it here.

rattan light shade

Gallery Wall

I just love a gallery wall. Collected photos, postcards, prints and posters grouped together. Or course they dont always have to be framed pictures. Broaden you horizons with a collection of antlers, clocks. mirrors or masks. Mix it up, whatever you fancy! Again, this all adds to the colour, texture and general bohemian nature of this style. It gives your living room so much interest and character!


Vintage, antique or simple second hand. Mixing era’s gives your bohemian living room a really eclectic and personal feel. So be it some hand-me-down furniture, a really old painting or a brand new clock, the key is to mix it up. Nothing dates more than a room full of stuff from the same moment in time. Mix, mix, mix and you wont get bored.

essentials for a bohemian living room patterned rug, velvet sofa, midcentury coffee table, vintage, gallery wall, rattan

Pretty Little Knots- Macrame!

Instagram can be a weird and wonderful place.

It can make you realise how small the world actually is. Often, I feel the people I’ve met via the photography sharing app, are often more closely in alignment with me than those, “in real life” {IRL} whom I’ve known for years.

Sam from Pretty Little Knots is one of these. After meeting up we discovered that we’d grown up within a couple of miles of each other, went to the same pub in our youth, and knew a few of the same people.

Like lots of mums, myself included. Sam has found creativity has brought her an income stream. I find this balance between working at home and being there for your kids fascinating. Creating macrame plant hangers and wall pieces under the guise of Pretty Little Knots.

I’ve fallen hard for the beautiful macrame creations Sam makes and I know you will too. You probably spotted two of Sam’s plant hangers in my recent post Hanging House Plants.

plant hangers made from macrame

Today I’m bring you an interview with Sam from Pretty Little Knots. You can also win one of her plant hangers over on Instagram right now too.

(Click below to enter the giveaway via Instagram- follow the instructions on the image)


OFS: Where did you learn macrame?

PLK: Way back in 2006 I spent a year volunteering in Ecuador. One of my placements was in a remote village in the Amazon rainforest, where we would have Artesania lessons with a lady from the local village. She taught me how to knot jewellery from tree fibres and seeds, which we would sell at local markets.

Many years later perusing Instagram, I started seeing macrame wall hangings everywhere and realised I understood how to make them. What I had learnt all those years ago was actually Macrame. I bought some rope, found some driftwood and started knotting! I am also very thankful, and feel lucky that fibre art is enjoying a revival at the minute.

macrame wall hanging etsy pretty little knots
Wall hanging currently for sale in the Pretty Little Knots Etsy shop

OFS: How do you fit it in with family life?

PLK: After my second child, we made the decision that I would be a stay at home mum. I found that like many mums, I needed a hobby that was just for me: Retaining some of my identity and as a creative outlet.

I work  on a part time basis, around my kids. This is mainly in the evenings when they are in bed, and a couple of hours at the weekend. I have a space in the corner of my bedroom where I have set up a mini studio. The macrame rack can be moved around the house too; So I can knot in the living room in the evenings, or in the garden when it’s nice!

spider plant houseplants for hanging indoors

OFS: Tell me about the feelings/emotions invested in each piece (why you name them etc)

PLK: I don’t really know why I name them, it just seems right to do so. And so far they have all been female. Usually a name will just come into my head at some point in the knotting process.

A few pieces take quite a while to create, I can get quite attached to these as a little bit of me goes into them. Sometimes I get a bit sad when I have to post them off, but I take solace in the fact that someone has paid to have it on their wall so they must be going to a good home. There is one piece that I sold early on, my first really big piece, I do wish I’d kept her!

bohemian macrame wall art prettylittleknots
A bespoke piece

OFS: What does your design process look like?

PLK: It is very fluid! I pick out a nice looking piece of driftwood that catches my eye, this will then influence the direction I go in, the width, the length and the thickness of rope. I never make sketches, I usually have a vague image or design in my head, but this always changes and adapts as I’m knotting. I’ve never been very good at following patterns so this fluid process works very well for me.

OFS: Do you plan for the future? Anything you are able to share? (5 years time maybe?)

PLK: I have so, so many ideas and plans but at the minute not a lot of time to put them into action. Workshops, festivals, craft kits, more plant hanger designs, incorporating other hanging mediums such as coloured dowels and copper piping, creating ‘collections’ based around central themes, creating a macrame bag range, cushions… my list is endless!

My priorities are my kids, so until they are both in school it will remain as a part-time thing. I’m excited to have so many ideas to expand when I get the time. It’s such a great time for Creative SAHM’s, and it’s no surprise that more mums are starting up their own online business’s thanks to all the sites that exist such as Etsy, NOTHS and Folksy giving us a platform to sell our crafts on.

macrame for a bohemian plant hanger
Can you spot my youngest in this shot?

Dont forget to enter the giveaway to win a plant hanger made by Sam

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