How to Rebrand a Blog (and why I wanted to)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin After years, yes seriously, of deliberation, I’ve changed my online persona into me. My real name, the real me. Call it a rebrand or even debrand, but it feels like the right time. Welcome to the next phase of my online journey! This decision is something I’ve pondered over forContinue reading “How to Rebrand a Blog (and why I wanted to)” Blogger Supper

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a bloggers supper in Manchester. The event was hosted by to showcase their ongoing collaboration with rental trailblazers Uncle, ” A landlord that’s got your back”. It was such a great evening! There was a handful of interior bloggers there and it was lovely to catchContinue reading “ Blogger Supper”

Ten Books to inspire you

Today I’m sharing with you a handful of books that I’ve found really inspiring. Spring has just about sprung and we are all coming out of what feels like a long winter hibernation. I often turn to books to keep myself mentally energised indoors, when its just too cold and damp to be out andContinue reading “Ten Books to inspire you”

Finding Refuge in Manchester

On a rainy Saturday morning in January recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a few blogger friends who also happen to be local to Manchester. Our venue of choice was Refuge, inside the Principal hotel on Oxford Road. I’d been hearing loads of great things about the rejuvenation, and lets face it completely brilliant restorationContinue reading “Finding Refuge in Manchester”