• CLOSED Giveaway- A signed copy of Earthly Bodies

    CLOSED Giveaway- A signed copy of Earthly Bodies

    Is harmony with nature achievable for us here, on this planet? It’s time to be careful about what we hope for… Dun, dun duuuunnnnnnn… I’m giving away a signed copy of my eco-horror or Sporror (spore horror) novel Earthly Bodies. This is for readers across the world! To enter I would like your input about…

  • Turns out I’m another creative with ADHD

    Turns out I’m another creative with ADHD

    Joining the club! This is a quick post about me and ADHD. There are a lot of diagnoses of ADHD around at the moment but women and girls are still hugely underdiagnosed. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I realised the other day that I hadn’t shared this on my blog “officially”. My…

  • Get to work, time to dig in.

    Get to work, time to dig in.

    I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until Spring. My apologies for the Northern Hemisphere bias, but I need some sun on my face and days with more hours in them. It’s safe to say, despite my best intentions I still haven’t re-established a vigorous writing routine. This is the reality of being…

  • Pocketbook of Horror

    Pocketbook of Horror

    Hello! This a super quick post today to alert you to the fact my short story collection Dark Is The Water is currently FREE everywhere you can buy ebooks. So Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play and more. If you haven’t read this yet then now is the perfect opportunity. Find your store link here.

  • A new strategy for a new year

    A new strategy for a new year

    If you read my newsletter you’ll already know that I’m changing things up this year. As a self-published author who wants readers to discover her books… Well, I need to be where the readers are. Unfortunately, despite building a (not huge) audience across social platforms, many of these platforms have changed to a Pay To…

  • How to keep track of your reading.

    For the last few years, I’ve used Goodreads to track what I’ve read. Since 2020 I’ve also joined the Goodreads reading challenge. Here are some stats; These numbers clearly show I’ve got back into reading in a big way, with a similar passion as when I was a child. Reading widely is a key part…

  • Word of the Year 2023

    Word of the Year 2023

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a Word of the Year. I’ve just read through my previous posts about my Words of the Year (find them here) and something stood out a mile for me. The word FOCUS comes up a lot. I suppose having a word for the year is all about focusing…

  • Dear Vivienne

    Dear Vivienne

    Dear Vivienne, When I first saw you on BBC’s The Clothes Show in the late 1980s, I’d have been eight or nine. You bowled me over with your creations. Your obsession with the human body was palpable and I was hooked. Blame the provocative 18th-century cleavages, the wildly gathered and darted tartans, I loved it…

  • Writing + Growing = Creating

    Writing + Growing = Creating

    Hello- I hope this finds you well and warm? I’ve been chipping away at my edits for my second novel. This book is exciting, but I don’t want to talk about it too much as I’m finding it’s still growing and changing at my fingertips. I know the general themes, but the how of telling it…

  • Writing Update + Book News

    Writing Update + Book News

    It has been a hot minute since I last updated here. It was the school holidays. Taking a break from being online is something I try to do every year and it means I can spend more time with my kids too. So, what news, you ask? Well, I had a birthday, celebrating my 42nd…