Steampunk Apothecary Book Review & Giveaway

I recently received this beautiful book for review, Steampunk Apothecary by Emily Ladybird aka Jema Hewitt. It is a “How To” book showing you step by step how to create some weird and wonderful jewellery and accessories.

There are twenty projects in all, each with a fantastical short introduction keeping with theme of the book, or exploring the sub themes such as “Broken Dolls Picnic” and “Vampire Chateau”. I love Victoriana, and most things to do with tales of the time like Dracula and the works of Oscar Wilde and Arther Conan Doyle.  Steampunk’s roots are in Victoriana but has the addition of industrial and fantasy elements.

steampunk Collage1

Each project is thoroughly explained with step by step text and images, and projects that look to be really complex are broken down so they become manageable.

I’ve picked my favourite projects here for these pictures, a pocket watch, an amazing ring that would rather suit a Captain Jack type character, a clockwork beetle lapel pin or brooch and a mini top hat which is really similar to what I wore for my wedding. This book tells you how to make the whole hat and includes the pattern- something I would have loved to have done as part of my wedding preparation.
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I want to be completely honest and say that some of the projects aren’t of the same standard as the ones I’ve picked out, but the techniques used can be adapted and learning the skills that are covered in the book can only be a positive thing, opening up new creative avenues for the reader.

Overall this book is like being taken on a journey into another world and I would suggest would be a great buy for the craft beginner or more seasoned maker or designer.

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You can buy this book from Amazon for £9.99 or you can enter my giveaway and try and win a copy!

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