Sewing an Afternoon Blouse

This is waaay overdue. I’ve been wearing my Afternoon Blouse for about two months and I really should have shared it before now. Sorry!

The Afternoon Blouse is a sewing pattern created by Jennifer Lauren Vintage. Its called The Afternoon Blouse because it could be sewn in an afternoon (about four hours) or you can wear it of an afternoon, be it picking the kids up from school or meeting friends for afternoon tea; the blouse fits any situation.

sewing the afternoon blouse

I’ll say right off the back of this that it took me more than four hours, mainly because I don’t tend to have a four hour block of time to do stuff just for me (#mumlife) it took me about a week of doing about an hour a day. I’m sure that when I make another I’ll be much quicker though- and yes I do plan to make another Afternoon Blouse.

My fabric was from a charity shop for £3, and I’ve got enough left for a pencil skirt I think… A real bargain as it’s one of my favourite colours. Looking at it now the fabric could perhaps need a bit more drape for this pattern, but I like that the slight stiffness of it holds the capped sleeve shape.

DSCF0320The Mr loved taking this shot of my cleavage- any excuse eh!

The blouse is a pull over the head style- the button on the front is just a design feature, sewing this flap bit was actually the trickiest part of this make, and I’m not 100% happy with it even now but I think I did a good job for the first time making it.
DSCF0325The blouse can be worn tucked in or sitting on the outside, obviously depending on what you are wearing with it or how much cake you’ve eatedn that particular day.

DSCF0327 DSCF0329

I bought the blouse pattern online and printed the PDF, joining up all the bits of paper to make the complete pattern- a first for me and it was rather tricky but having the pattern on actual paper rather than tissue paper meaning it’ll stand up to more use… Have you tried PDF sewing patterns?

Until next time! xx


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  1. July 30, 2014 / 3:40 am

    Gorgeous, I love the fabric, and bonus that you found it in a charity shop!

    I noticed in the cleavage shot (hehe!) that you’ve double lapped the er, lap. Such an interesting way to do it, and one that I’d never have thought of. For the next one, you could try overlapping them so they both lay flat (they should tuck into each other neatly at the bottom provided you’ve snipped out that seam allowance :)) pin it together, try it on and see if you think it sits any better that way? Though I think it looks pretty damn good the way you did it.

    Any way, I love your version, and thanks so much for letting me know you had made one.