Outfit post- Finally falling for Freddie’s

April 28, 2014Susan

Well the title of this post says it all really… I finally found the right Freddie’s of Pinewood jeans for me.

I first tried Freddie’s about three years ago- I cant even remember which model/version they were, but they just weren’t right. They weren’t high enough in the waist and therefore were extremely uncomfortable in the crotch area (!!).

I was hesitant about trying them again but after me grilling a few ladies on Twitter and being rather anal about all my measurements I went for the Classics in a Long leg. The Long leg is a fairly new addition and is what attracted me back to Freddie’s as many of the other repro brands inside legs just haven’t got the length I need.

Here are some snaps of me wearing the Freddie’s Classics- I’m a bit out of practise doing outfit posts, what to do with your hands!!? Pockets are always a good option in the “what do do with your hands conundrum”  and I took full advantage of the ones in my jeans.

But seriously, what do you do with your hands in photo’s??

You can see from the outakes below I had fun trying!

denim and gingham freddies of pinewood classics freddies pinewood freddies repro vintage jeans old fashioned susie manchesterfreddies jeans outakes blogger outfit post vintage belt freddies jeans classics long legI wore;

  • Freddie’s Classics in Long leg
  • Red gingham shirt from eBay
  • A red belt I’ve had for years
  • Classic lo Converse also had for years
  • Sunglasses ASOS last year


Disclosure- This is not a sponsored post- I bought these jeans with my own money!


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