Maternity Mondays: My stretch-mark solver

Oh golly! I’m late again with these new fangled weekly posts- but it is still Monday so I think I can be excused!?

I wanted to share a beauty product that I believe is pretty amazing. Brilliant for scars, stretch marks, I would actually say most skin problems would benefit from using this. When you are as intolerant and allergic to stuff in beauty products as I am it really feels like a miracle- rather than just calming a flare up its nice to have a product that actually performs other functions.

I’m talking about Emu Oil- yes vegetarians and vegans look away now. Apologies.

Emu oil in-case you were wondering is extracted  after the meat is harvested. The meat is low in fat and cholesterol and make a great alternative to beef by the way.

Emu oil is anti- inflammatory, doesn’t clog pores and is even used as a muscular rub for athletes. The fatty acid in emu oil is really close to our skins composition and is therefore really easily absorbed.

The crux of the issue here though is I used this through my first pregnancy and I have no stretch marks- I honestly believe its because I used this.

I do have some stretch marks from being a chubby teen so my skin is more than capable of decorating itself.

emu oil pregnancyI’ve been using this one from Amazon and a little goes a long way, go ahead and have a read of the reviews here and at £15 it’s an accessible way to improve and maintain your skin without the hefty price tag of well known beauty brands.

Have you tried Emu Oil?