Maternity Mondays- Holidaying Whilst Pregnant

So the schools out for the summer! Holiday season is upon us but if you are pregnant there are a few things you need to consider before booking that well-earned break.

You will need to keep in mind how many weeks pregnant you are, for example most airlines wont let you fly if you are 36 weeks pregnant or more (32 if it’s a multiple pregnancy). And if you are in the early days of pregnancy you might feel too nauseous to cope with a flight.

Wherever you decide to go, don’t forget your maternity notes, chances are you wont need them, but it’s always good to have them with you at all times just in-case anything happens.

pregnant couple vintage

Personally I’m happy to do UK-based holidays whilst pregnant. No language barriers, no vaccinations, no flights or passports to worry about, and if anything untoward happened you know the NHS isn’t far away.

That’s way I loved our recent break in the Lake District, where we stayed in a static caravan. Staying on a purpose-built holiday park really suits our needs at the moment.

There are lots of changes going on here at Chez Old Fashioned and I don’t think we are going to get the chance to go away again before baby is due in November, but there’s always the option to take a cheap break with the family in the October holidays if things here happen quicker than scheduled.

The thing is when you are pregnant you just want everything close to hand, to put your feet up and relax even more so if you do manage to get away for a break. I think holiday parks are great for this especially if you’ve already got kids so maybe try butlins this year and enjoy having everything in one place.

**For more information on travelling when pregnant have a read of this page at NHS Choices, and remember I’m not a healthcare professional always check with your midwife or Doctor before travelling or if there’s anything bothering you about your pregnancy.