tricky splashback wall height

Kitchen Splashback- We finally decided!

May 6, 2016Susan

Hello you lovely lot! I wanted to share with you today, a closer look at our kitchen splashback area- or lack of it.

We had the kitchen done on January of 2015 and we’ve debated and changed our minds SO MANY times about what we wanted the splashback to look like.

Here I’ve cleared the worktop so you can see properly what kind of space and size we are dealing with.

white and wood kitchen

I’ve written a fair few posts about the journey to get to this decision. The reason it was so tricky, is because we had a stud wall (the one behind the sink) put in as part of the kitchen redesign and the height of this wall was not quite tall enough to put subway tiles on (my first choice- I still love this classic look).

With hindsight I should’ve specified how high I wanted this wall to be instead of a vague,  “about this high”, with a wave of my arm to the builder.

tricky splashback wall height

Believe me I’ve had such a wide variety of samples through to try, mosaic subway, traditional square tiles, vintage tiles… Loads really, and it didn’t seem right to buy an average tile to then have trim half a centimetre off the top just to fit it in this short part of the splashback area.

So we’d toyed with a whole manner of ideas, some you might have seen on the blog already. Perspex sheets, glass, mirror, tin tiles. I’ll go into these in a future post as there were some great ideas (I’m so modest!!)

boden teatowl in vintage kitchen

In the end I realised that a mosaic was going to be the best bet, giving us the tiled look we loved, even on the shorter wall. I found these hexagon mosaic tiles at Original Style who were happy to support our tiling project.

I was a bit worried that using a mosaic would make the kitchen look like a swimming pool, so sticking to white and a more unusual shape should help avoid that swimming pool look!

Stay tuned for the reveal post!

ikea white and wood kitchen with pops of colour


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  • Kara

    May 6, 2016 at 8:03 am

    Its such a lovely space. Like you I never would have thought of the practicalities of the height of the wall.

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