Work With Me

 I think hiring a blogger is such a great deal for any brand.

We are such good value for money. Instead of hiring a team of copywriters, photographers, prop stylists, location scouts (I could go on) brands get all of this wrapped up in one person.

work with lifestyle blogger

We are;

  • writers
  • photographers
  • editors
  • stylists
  • experts in our niche

We are enablers and know our audiences. It is a fascinating world and I love being part of it. I’ve been blogging since 2010- you can read more about me here.

If you are a brand and are looking to team up with me then please read on;

Things I can do, please contact me for a fee;

  • Feature a gifted product or other benefits (for example a hotel stay)
  • Sponsored content, with a brand or idea I’ve found interesting and relevant
  • Product styling for photography shoots
  • Host giveaways of product

Please feel free to contact me { susanearlam AT } I quote on an ad hoc basis so please be specific, that way I can give you an accurate number.

Examples of my work with brands;

Things I don’t do (so please don’t ask)

  • Publish pre-written content/host your article
  • Brand collaborations without payment
  • “Jump on a call” to discuss your campaign
  • Offer free advertising
  • Publish brand images without compensation
  • Sell Follow links or use Follow Links when I’ve been compensated (as per these guidelines)
  • Publish infographics

please contact me for my media kit or a quote

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