Great Vintage Britain- Company Magazine

    June 13, 2012Susan

    Ok people at the risk of blowing my own trumpet again and just in case you missed me tweeting about it over the weekend, here it is in all it glory. The article in Company Magazine!

    I’ve borrowed the scans from Lena at Style High Club– she of the Vintage Guide to London and Queens of Vintage. The article is about Lena, Gemma of Retro Chick & Vintage Norwich, Jo from Vintage Brighton and myself from Vintage Manchester’s foray into business together as the Vintage City Network!

    Please note- I’m aware Pinup Parade aren’t in Manchester- the question wasn’t phrased as such at the time!


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    • Ange

      June 14, 2012 at 3:55 pm

      Nice one! I know how valuable I found Gemma’s Vintage Norwich guide (in fact we stayed at By Appointment, in my Heyday Mary dress no less!) Will look up your suggestions next time I’m up North xXx

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