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Four Writers Online Who Give Great Writing Advice

October 20, 2019Susan

Today I wanted to share with you four places I get great writing advice. As you may have realised I’m a bit of a lone ranger when it comes to writing. I don’t have a Real Life writers group. I lean on, and into, writing forums online (hello WritersHQ) and use Twitter a lot for writing help and community.

The writers below are all down to earth and so generous with their knowledge and experience. If you are looking for some motivation and/or inspiration then do take a look at the following;


Will Dean on YouTube. He has a massive cat and a growing puppy. He and his family live in the middle of a forest. He likes Steven King and he tells us about his writer’s life as it is, no BS. Really enjoy Will’s videos which cover writing and the publishing industry.

Jessie Burton on Instagram Stories. I love the way Jessie’s brain works and she is a cat fiend like me. She sometimes does Instagram Live and often does AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) loads of brilliant writing advice with a dry sense of humour. Come for the writing advice, stay for the cats.

Rachael Stephen on YouTube. I think Rachael is on a break at the moment, but she has so many videos on her channel already that you wouldn’t know it. She is Scottish, very funny and her Plot Embryo method is a way for writers to plot a novel before starting to write. Massively useful stuff!

K.M. Weiland has a website called Helping Writers Become Authors, and it is pretty great. Loads of stuff for writers about story structure and character development. She also has a vast selection of free downloadables, even a Scrivener template for plotting.  So generous!

Let me know if you find this useful, is there anyone you really rate for writers life advice?

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free writing advice online

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