Faith in Fabric- Upholstery service in Manchester

Today I’m sharing a recent project that I’d love to take the credit for, but cannot. Upholstery is one of those things on my “To Learn” list.

When browsing eBay or charity shops I often see furniture that needs a bit of TLC, more often than not it just needs recovering or reupholstering. It is one of those skills that you need time and space to learn- neither of which I have in spades.

So when we bought five dining chairs on eBay last year for £60, just after moving house and after just giving birth, it was my “hormone induced madness” that said to me- I can learn to upholster these chairs… I think I must have forgot how much time a baby takes up.

The chairs were usable but not comfortable and they are very old, I estimate somewhere in the 1800’s. They are originally from Belgium and had been in that family for forever.

Before... antique chairs faith in fabric upholstery These chairs might not be to your taste, and they are certainly not part of the huge mid-century trend that is flavour of the month right now, but they suit the theme and idea behind my dining room renovation, which is a cocktail of The Addams Family house and a baronial hunting lodge.

Anyway, we have five of these in various states of the seats falling apart, and thanks to the genius of Twitter they have been given a new lease of life and been made over and reupholstered.

The lady behind the make over and the skillful upholstry is Megan from Faith in Fabric and it was through a chance Twitter conversation that she agreed to sort them for me.


As you can see she’s done a brilliant job. She has used fabric that belonged to my Grandmother- I think they were curtains and she’s managed to get the pattern the same on each chair.

I’m really please with these and have some more business lined up for her already- an armchair belonging to my parents. Megan has kindly sent me some images of the whole process so if you fancy a look at how the upholstery process works then take a look at the gallery below. You can see there’s even horse hair inside the chairs as part of the stuffing.

If you want to get in touch with Megan for an upholstery quote or buy a piece of furniture she has already renovated these are the ways to get in touch.