Christmas Gift Guide for… Vintage Gents

Hi there, and welcome to another Christmas Gift Guide, this time its the turn of that vintage loving gentleman in your life…

I think this Brompton Blazer from Boden is a practical and pleasing on the eye Christmas gift for the vintage chap in your life. A win win situation as far as I’m concerned. It is not actual vintage but its often tricky to find something in a tweed you like in the size you need, especially as men are much broader these days. I love the colours in this and the lining- who doesn’t love polka dots?

Now a traditional Christmas gift for men is a watch… You could go down the pocket-watch route or a vintage Omega Seamaster ala Steve McQueen if you have that kind of money… But an alternative classic watch for men is the Mondaine. A Swiss timekeeping brand hailing from the 1950s, these clean and simple watches are timeless and much more affordable than other Swiss brands I could name.

John Lewis has a good selection of Mondaine watches.

mondaine watch christmas vintage gent mans gift

The vintage style lends itself to growing facial hair- moustaches and beards and all that is inbetween. And they are back in a big way and I think it is to do with the vintage trend becoming more mainstream. I’ve always loved a good beard so I’m all for it and if your vintage gent needs some help taming his facial accessories then how about popping one of these gift sets in his stocking.

Captain Fawcett’s Moustache wax will keep his beard or moustache from looking a tad wild (putting it nicely!)

moustache wax gift

For my other half, music is his passion (other than me of course) and many men, vintage lovers or otherwise, love to sit back and listen to the music they grew up with and despite all the new technology in the music industry a digital download isn’t quite the same as having an actual physical object to play. The vinyl industry is having a huge surge- in fact, the opposite of what many predicted would happen.

Here is a lovely portable record player that would make a great gift for that chap in your life, and probably start a new collection…. From Urban Outfitters.

crosley portable turntable urban outfitters christmas giftLast but not least, this should keep him entertained for a few hours. Remember those old comics where the adverts in the back sold all sorts and were both funny, weird and unintentionally inappropriate? Well some kind soul has collected them and put them in a book, this chap has actually collected many of these items during his life so now you can find out if those X-Ray glasses really worked!

Find it on Amazon.

mail order mysteries christmas gift idea for vintage gentsSame place tomorrow for a Christmas gift guide for that sewing obsessive in your life- or yourself 😉