A Christmas Romance

The date was 23rd December 2007, my wedding day, and two years to the day, since our first date. So that makes today our four year wedding anniversary, and this is very slushy and romantic but my husband is my rock and my best friend. Altogether now, Ahhhhhhhh. Anyway thought I’d share a couple of photo’sContinue reading “A Christmas Romance”

Easy Vegan Christmas Cake

Christmas cake! Have you made yours yet?? This recipe doesn’t need maturing so you could literally make this Christmas Eve and it will be delicious for Christmas day. It is also a Free From Christmas Cake, regular readers will know I’m allergic to dairy and eggs- this has neither, and you’d never know. This vegan Christmas cakeContinue reading “Easy Vegan Christmas Cake”

Marilyn Monroe in Bath

So I’ve just returned from a girls weekend in Bath, the main aim of which was to see the Marilyn Monroe exhibition at the American Museum just on the outskirts of Bath. Understandably, but nevertheless frustratingly, there was a photography ban within the exhibition so, this is as close as I could get with a camera. ButContinue reading “Marilyn Monroe in Bath”