Macdonald Townhouse Manchester

By happy accident I recently had the chance to stay the night in the Macdonald Townhouse on Portland Street in Manchester. The building is somewhere I’ve always noticed as it is rather grand and has a beautiful façade, its also on on of the busiest roads in the city centre. Formerly a cotton warehouse whichContinue reading “Macdonald Townhouse Manchester”

Interior Blog Awards 2015 Results!

This past week has been a complete whirlwind. With two visits to London in three days and the kids being off school, I’ve only had time to be on social channels rather than here on the blog. So if you follow me anywhere over there you’ll know that on Wednesday night it was the AmaraContinue reading “Interior Blog Awards 2015 Results!”

Decorating a Halloween Table with Flowers

Hey there! Today I’m getting a little spooky and kooky and taking a look at how you can incorporate flowers into a Halloween themed table setting. I always think I’d like to throw a big Halloween party, but I never have (yet) as it feels like a bit too much hard work at the moment.Continue reading “Decorating a Halloween Table with Flowers”

Tick tock- check out this clock!

 I can be a real fusspot when it comes to choosing things for my home. I call it discerning, some might call it difficult to please. I’d often rather live with something that needs replacing a little bit longer, than rush in and buy the first thing that almost fits the bill. I’d rather waitContinue reading “Tick tock- check out this clock!”

Making Spaces at home

Over the summer I was involved with an exciting and creative campaign for home insurance… Yes I said exciting and home insurance in the same sentence! Is that even possible? In this case Yes. I was asked to take part in a filming and interview session at my house, with the project title “Making Spaces”.Continue reading “Making Spaces at home”