Creativity Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is something I really love to do. Sometime when I’m out walking, or sitting in the garden but more often than not I’ll be emptying the dishwasher or making packed lunches whilst I listen. I wanted to share with you some podcasts I enjoy. They have themes of creativity, writing and beingContinue reading “Creativity Podcasts”

Great Gifts to Give a Writer

Hello, hello! There are some changes going on around the place at the moment here. I feel like I’m in a chrysalis stage. Sometime soon I’m going to burst forth with a new and improved version of myself 😉 One of the small things I’ve started doing of late is that when I get asked whatContinue reading “Great Gifts to Give a Writer”

Collected thoughts on blogging/writing

Today I’m sharing a few blog posts I’ve loved recently. I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging, writing and creativity. On my quest to write a novel, and it be imperfectly perfect, I’ve found it hard to avoid online distractions. As my work (blog stuff) is basically on the internet and creative writing is on myContinue reading “Collected thoughts on blogging/writing”

Manifesto for Imperfection

I was clearing out some stuff recently and came across this manifesto for imperfection. This A4 sheet of paper is something I’ve kept for years (since 2001!). Through house moves and multiple clearouts. Not wanting to let it go because on each rediscovery, I find it more meaningful. It was written by Bruce Taylor, anContinue reading “Manifesto for Imperfection”