Writing Resources (most are free!)

Writing and creating under lockdown. Hello, I hope this finds you well and coping with life right now. I find that my creativity gets pushed down the priority list in times of stress, when really it should be near the top of things I should be doing. Having a creative outlet eases the mind, allowingContinue reading “Writing Resources (most are free!)”

Recent Reads lockdown

Hello hello hello! How are you? Are you adapting to this new world? Are you well? I realised recently that it had been an AGE since I’ve shared with you what I’m reading. So here goes. Here’s my list since September, these are books I’ve finished. The Southern Reach Trilogy encompassing Annihilation, Authority & Acceptance.Continue reading “Recent Reads lockdown”

Free Printable- Kids Covid19 Home School Timetable

The world is reeling from a virus that is sweeping through populations. Aside from my own thoughts about this, political, ecological and more, many of us are now facing home schooling our children for the near future. As a former teacher and a very organised Virgo I wanted to contribute something that might make lifeContinue reading “Free Printable- Kids Covid19 Home School Timetable”