Behind the scenes- Book Cover Drafts

Its been a while. Hi! How are you? We finally unpacked the last box from our move, hurrah! I thought I’d lift the veil a little on the book cover process I went through for Earthly Bodies. Before I enlisted a book cover designer. Some of you may know I have a degree in FineContinue reading “Behind the scenes- Book Cover Drafts”

Holiday Reading and a Real Life Catch-Up

Greetings friends and readers, this post originally appeared as an email to my subscribers. If you like to sign up please click here. I hope this finds you well and taking the reopening of the world at your own pace. There’s been loads going on here again. I’ve not really stopped since we moved house,Continue reading “Holiday Reading and a Real Life Catch-Up”

My Street Team is open for new members

I’m recruiting for my Street Team! Except it not on the actual streets… It is on the web. What is a Street Team I hear you ask… A Street Team is a select group of people who want to help with spreading the word about something, in this case, my next publication- a short storyContinue reading “My Street Team is open for new members”

Earthly Bodies is finally out there and I need a sit down.

I’m still here! I went a little quiet because I needed some time off after the launch. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. To be honest I think I’m on a comedown from publication. A kind of, it’s finally out there, now what do I do? Luckily for me, I do have plenty to do.Continue reading “Earthly Bodies is finally out there and I need a sit down.”