BLM Resources

This page is a collection of resources to help white people (myself included) start and sustain the work in understanding white privilege and the white supremacy systems that benefit us. It’s not enough to do nothing and sit on the fence.

Start somewhere get uncomfortable.

I’ll be updating this page every few months.

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Something I Saw (focusing on Black artists)

Book List

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The Impact of Omission:
A survey to investigate the extent to which British Imperial history is explored in the curriculum of compulsory education in the U.K.

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Draft MP letter
export of arms– tweak this to make it your own otherwise it’ll go into a spam folder and not be seen

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Anti Racist Resource Guide
A 27 page document listing books, podcasts, influencers and more.

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Justice in June Choose how much time you have each day to work to become more informed about being a better ally for Black people. From 10 minutes through to 45 minutes per day. And despite the title, it doesn’t just apply to June

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