Based in Manchester in my late thirties with home renovations, a first novel and a husband to look after ;-)

A Photoshoot at Home

Recently I had the pleasure of being the subject of a photoshoot at my home. Today I wanted to share a taster of the shots. I’d known of Alex‘s work through the Manchester blogging scene and could see he held himself to a high standard. I love the tones and the earthiness of his images. […]


On Taking a Break

Hello! I’m taking a break, a moment away from what the last part of a marathon must feel like. The novel writing is taking over my life! Let me explain; This weekend I was forced, willing so really, to leave my strict writing schedule and jump in the car with one of my best buddies’ and […]


Great Gifts to Give a Writer

Hello, hello! There are some changes going on around the place at the moment here. I feel like I’m in a chrysalis stage. Sometime soon I’m going to burst forth with a new and improved version of myself 😉 One of the small things I’ve started doing of late is that when I get asked what […]