What to ask indie publishers who want your book

So you’ve sent your book out all over the place and that includes independent publishers and small presses. For the sake of this article I’m not talking about smaller factions of one of the bigger publishers, I’m talking about presses which are totally their own brand. I wanted to share my experience of an indieContinue reading “What to ask indie publishers who want your book”

How to Write a Book- FREE Guide!

Hello! Today I’m sharing another FREE resource I’ve created exclusively for subscribers of my email list. Have you always wanted to write a book? Don’t know where to start? I’ll give you a clue, its not at the beginning. I’ve got you. I can help. I’ve written two novels and the question I get askedContinue reading “How to Write a Book- FREE Guide!”

Black Lives Matter Personal Audit

Hello! You may have noticed, or equally may not have noticed, that I’ve not been around much online. And when I am, I’ve been sharing stuff which I hope amplifies voices from people who don’t look like me: Specifically Black People and the Black Lives Matter movement. I’ve been trying to give more space toContinue reading “Black Lives Matter Personal Audit”