Asus Zenfone 5 LTE Review

We all love a selfie, right? From painters such as Van Gogh and his many Self Portraits to more modern artists such as Tracey Emin where virtually everything she creates is a version of a self portrait. Looking at ourselves, and each others self portraits- or selfies, is fascinating.

Most modern selfies are done on the hoof or definitely seem spontaneous (not all- some are very staged). And most of these images are captured by our smart phones.

So it’s becoming increasingly important for that thing in your back pocket, you rely on so much, to have a good camera. The future for social media seems to be a visual one with Pinterest and Instagram- the leaders of the pretty picture and clever caption pack.

Phone manufacturers are vying to be the market leader. And up at the top (probably)is a certain fruity brand which has seemingly converted so many of us to its new religion. You know who I mean.

And I speak from the front lines as I’m one of the disciples!

BUT- I’ve had the opportunity this past week to have a play with my first Android Smartphone. Namely the Asus Zenfone 5 LTE, and its pretty slick let me tell you!

I’ve been rather blown away by just how slick it it to be honest. There’s loads of things on there that I’ve not even had the chance to play with yet- this phone could probably run your life for you, if you wanted it to.

For this review though I’m going to focus on the Zenfone camera and its selfie taking capabilities- of which they are many.

To give you the tech on the cameras (yes there is more than one). The main camera- that you would point at shoot at something you are photographing is eight megapixels and the “selfie” camera is two megapixels. It has exclusive Asus Pixelmaster technology and will take photographs as good as most standalone digital cameras.

And with all the extra functions the camera has, I don’t think you’d ever need to carry around a separate camera again.

My favourite camera functions are;

  • Time rewind- this is so clever. Basically you take a picture and then you can rewind time up to two seconds or go ahead by one second. This is genius. It means you can take picture of fast moving things (like babies) and get the shot you want.
  • Low light- sometimes, especially at this time of year, its hard to get a good shot of your subject if you are indoors. This mode gives the shot a boost so you can still get the sharpness you can with good light.
  • Selfie- this camera has a selfie mode which you can use with the main camera, you can select how many people are in the shot up to four.
  • Smart remove- I’ve not actually tried this yet, but in this mode you take five shots of your subject and then anything in the background that has moved is removed!!

With the reverse camera there are modes where you can slim down your cheeks, soften your skin, enhance yours eyes, create a GIF animation and take shots at nigh-time, handy for those late night alcohol fuelled mates selfies 😉

Once you taken your photograph you can then play around with it using different filters and frames- its like having a powerful image editor like Photoshop in your pocket. Below, the photo on the right is taken of me (a very tired me I might add) and then I’ve added different filters to create flattering and unflattering effects.

asus selfie zenfoneHere’s a shot where I’ve played around with the filters and the frames, lots of fun!

asus frames succulents Disclosure- I was sent this smart phone for the purposes of this review