A visit to Grand Designs Live

Saturday just gone saw me off to London at the crack of dawn for a trip to London to visit Excel and the huge exhibition that is Grand Designs Live.

The lovely people at Vaillant had invited me down to explore their visionary renewable energy options, and of course for me to explore what Grand Designs Live has to offer.

I’d not been to Excel for years- and had forgotten how massive it is! There was sooo much stuff there- not all my cup of tea but lots of it was very inspirational.

Vaillant were there promoting the new renewable technology  they’ve had in development. They’ve come up with ways to heat homes and other types of building using natural resources such as using the heat in the ground or in the air around us as well as new and improved versions of solar panels. These technologies are really worth a look if you are in the market for this type of thing – its definitely how the energy of the future looks.

Have a scroll down and take a look at my photos. Vailant were also sponsoring Kevin McClouds Green Heroes section of the show. This is where the TV host of Grand Designs highlights products which show innovation in the sustainable future of methods and products for building, construction and interiors.

These Green Heroes include fabulous glass tiles- which are 100% recycled and some brilliant pieces of repurposed furniture. See here for more Green Heroes.

My favourite thing was probably the interior room sets…The use of colour and lighting was really striking.

Grand Designs Live is on until 10th May- so still time to get down and have a look.

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