CLOSED Giveaway- A signed copy of Earthly Bodies

Is harmony with nature achievable for us here, on this planet? It’s time to be careful about what we hope for…

Dun, dun duuuunnnnnnn…

I’m giving away a signed copy of my eco-horror or Sporror (spore horror) novel Earthly Bodies. This is for readers across the world!

To enter I would like your input about your reading habits and books in general.

To go hand in hand with the rejigging of how I work and where I focus my time I want to ask you, where do you spend your time online? And how do you find books to read?

These questions and a handful more are at the link below.

I’d appreciate it if you found the time to help a gal out.

I will draw a winner from those entered on Friday, May 5th 2023.

The winner has been notified.

earthly bodies susan earlam dystopian eco horror clifi

2 responses to “CLOSED Giveaway- A signed copy of Earthly Bodies”

  1. We recently started watching The last of us. As soon as it started I said to the husband, ‘I’m not sure I want to watch this. If it’s anything like Susan Earlam’s book it’s going to freak me out!’ (And yes, it has been freaky. but your book freaked me out more – well done!!)


    1. Ah thanks so much, Jane!


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