Dark Is The Water PRE ORDER

Hello and welcome to my covid brain fog.

Yes, after over two years of managing to avoid the infection, my household and I came down with it mid-March. There is never a convenient time to get ill and this is underlined by the fact I have a small book out in a couple of weeks.

And when I say small, I’m not saying it in that way that folk sometimes say to make themselves smaller to fit in, diminish themselves/ourselves or the work we/I’ve done. I’m saying small because it is an actual, physical fact.

This is a pocket-sized book of horror.

This is a book for your handbag in the dentist’s waiting room.

This is a book to take on a hike and consume whilst drinking coffee from a flask on the side of a hill.

This is a book to read with friends and compare fiction to real life.

This is a book that would be the perfect gift to slide in the post, as a Get Well Soon treat through an ally’s letterbox.

This is a book that will take you somewhere else when you are sick of doom-scrolling and your attention span is shot.

This is a book. A small but meaty book.

Satiate yourself by preordering HERE.

*The ebook is 99p for a limited time.

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