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Behind the scenes of eco-horror, Earthly Bodies

Would you like to see how I pictured Rebecca, Frankie, and the rest of the Earthly Bodies characters?

Would you like to see the settings and locations I drew inspiration from to help me world build the future dystopia?

Long term readers might recall that I shared I was keeping secret Pinterest boards with my inspiration, see the linked article below.

I’ve been reluctant to share these boards because I know when reading a book, the reader paints a picture of the character and setting themselves, in their head. But, it’s coming up to a year now and I wanted to reflect and lift the veil a little on story creation.

I’ve written before about how I use Pinterest;

#What Is Pinterest- Getting Started bear in mind this post is from 2016. My boards look very different now.

#Using Pinterest for Writing Fiction this is from 2018 when I was in the middle of writing Earthly Bodies.

It’s high time that I revealed these pinboards with the characters and settings, my inspiration and starting points for writing the novel. When I got stuck, these images helped.

Check them out here.

I also had a board for book cover ideas. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of eco-horror, Earthly Bodies”

  1. I loved looking at your Pinterest boards for book ideas. I am sooo stealing this idea for my stories! Screen shots saved into the camera roll isn’t ideal I had and have so many random photos taking up space! Some of the images are what I’d imagined exactly from your writing, well done!


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